Three greyhounds saved Macau’s notorious Canidrome are coming to the UK for Valentine’s

Valentina, Oyster and Amore are rehomed by Forever Hounds Trust, a UK charity that will find them their permanent family

As a dog, getting out of Macau’s Canidrome stadium alive was not an option: the stadium was home to some 650 racing greyhounds, who also lived there. The dogs were abused, neglected, and not one ever left Canidrome alive.

To satisfy the Chinese’ taste for the cruel sport of dog racing, the animals were often imported from outside the country, including Australia and Ireland. But following a report in 2016 documenting the cruelty on the track, Australia stopped shipping dogs to Canidrome.

Oyster has completed 190 races. She would now like a bit of peace, please; above: Valentina is celebrating her Birthday on Valentine’s

International animal-rights campaigns and media coverage built up pressure, and the Chinese stadium closed in July 2018. But incredibly, there was no plan for the dogs. None. A local animal protection organisation, Anima, stepped in and started caring for the dogs locally while working with charities worldwide to rehome the greyhounds.

Three of these racing dogs will travel to the UK: Forever Hounds Trust, a greyhound and lurcher rehoming charity, is expecting the arrival of the dogs formerly known as Lamma Goit (now Valentine), Oyster Credit (now Oyster) and Bound Lil (now Amore) on Valentine’s Day.

Forever Hounds Trust will be rehoming these three dogs that were bred in Australia before being exploited in Macau. “It is highly unusual for us to rescue dog from overseas, however, this is an unprecedented situation, which required an unprecedented response,” says Jan Lake, chair of trustees at Forever Hounds Trust. “The cost of flying the greyhounds to us has been covered by Yat Yuen, the Canidrome’s former management, and the dogs will have all the necessary vaccinations, checks and tests before they come to us. This means they will not need any time in quarantine and will start their lives as much-loved pets in the UK as soon as we can find suitable homes from them.”

Valentina and her favoruite fish; above: Amore 

Valentina might even arrive to a doggy Birthday cake, for she will arrive at Heathrow on her fifth Birthday. She has raced 113 times in four years. Amore will turn seven a few days later. Oyster is nearly 10 years old and was one of the oldest at Canidrome. She has raced more than 190 times and may also have been used for breeding.

If you would like to offer a forever home to one of the rescued dogs from Macau, or to another of Forever Hounds Trust’s rescued dogs, please get in touch with them on 03000 111 100, email or visit

The charity has also set up a fundraising page for anyone who would like to contribute to the costs of preparing the dogs for their forever home. This can be found at

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