Wunderdog Magazine, an update: on stockists, stories and that dog

Happy National Adoption Day to all the underdogs who found their homes and to all the dogs still waiting for a human to say, “I’ll care for you forever, promise”.

Wunderdog is all about rescue dogs – it’s for underdogs and wonderdogs – and it’s as much about the global community of dog-lovers as it is about the animals. Since issue 1 rolled off the press end of July, the feedback has been really extraordinary. So many people have contacted me to tell their adoption stories, about their volunteering work and to suggest stories for the magazine. I also get a huge buzz every time someone finds a copy of the magazine in the wild – be it in a coffee shop, book store or at home.

Here are some pages from the first edition:

Shortly after the launch, I was invited by the marvellous podcast Dog Save the People to share the story of my life, my dogs and the magazine. I so enjoyed chatting to host and creator John Bartlett, and I think that comes through in the episode. You can listen to it here.

Wunderdog in the wild, spotted at Atkinsons Coffee in Lancaster

This is so exactly what I was hoping to achieve that it’s hard to believe it has happened. I wanted to give the dog-adoption world a voice and something (other than a dog) to hold up and say “this is why I adopted”. Something that is informative as much as beautifully designed, something to read and keep forever.

I hope that, as the magazine grows, rescued dogs will be known as Wunderdogs. I hope that every underdog will get the opportunity to realise their potential to become a wonderdog. And I hope that even the smallest piece of the magazine inspires advocacy and – ultimately – an adoption.

I am so chuffed to say that Wunderdog immediately attracted subscribers and is available in our shop, on Newsstand and Pics & Ink. The self-funded title has within a few weeks also found stockists thanks to the amazing independent magazine distributor Ra & Olly. You can buy the magazine now at:

The Serpentine Gallery holds a special place in my heart, and it makes me almost weepy to consider how full circle my dog-life has come. My first rescue dog, Pippa, who inspired the creation of Wunderdog, took an unauthorised dip in the Serpentine lake on our first day out. Pippa had come to me as a shy – but well-trained – foster dog. I wanted to show her a good time and took her to Hyde Park. She had good recall, so I let her off the lead. That’s when I learnt a valuable lesson about how fast collie crosses can be. Pippa blurred into a ginger flash in the distance, running straight for the Serpentine lake to take a euphoric swim. There was only one problem: no dogs were allowed in the water. I was told off by a park warden, but when I explained she was a foster dog, he smiled. Somehow, soon, a police officer and other officials joined me a chorus of calling Pippa’s name and clapping as she swam and splashed to her heart’s content – until she had completed her laps and came back, awfully pleased with herself.

Pippa at the Serpentine Gallery's 2017 Pavillion

On what turned out to be Pippa’s last weekend on Earth, I took her to the Serpentine once again to sniff the lake. Aged 14 and about to lose the fight with lymphoma, Pippa was in her red cart. She was blind, but still happy. We had just been to a raw-food tasting event, and I thought she would like to sniff the grass near her old pond. We pottered around the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion and listened to the ducks.

And now, around two years after her departure, the magazine she inspired is available in the Serpentine Gallery’s shop. Adopt a dog, and good things will happen to you.

This illustration of Pippa in her red cart appeared in the first issue of Wunderdog, in the story entitled “How to be a guide human”, illustrated by Taneale Hrymakowski (also the main image)

Issue 2 of Wunderdog will be out before Christmas. We are travelling to Canada to find out why sled dogs make perfectly lovely pets; check out a superstar adoption centre in Los Angeles; visit the UK’s wildest B&B for an unforgettable doggy break; go walkies in Sydney; get the score on a lost-dog musical; find ways to have fun indoors during the dark winter months; separate fact and fiction on CBD supplements, and find out what dogs pack for work.

Cuddle your dog from me.

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