On Sundays, dogs have tea too: Bluebird White City hosts “pup of tea”

Dogs, it’s time to iron your best bandana, learn to drink without slurping and resist temptation to lick your plate (it’s only for one afternoon!): you can come to high tea with your humans

Norfolk terriers Heidi & Rufus (above) have tried and approved the doggie tea

The new Bluebird Café in the Television Centre, in London’s White City, is holding doggie afternoon teas every Sunday from 22 July to 18 August. The dog-friendly restaurant serves not just Bluebird’s three-tiered high tea for humans – including classic cucumber sandwiches, fruit scones and chocolate Swiss roll – the dog equivalent includes vegan banana and peanut butter cookies, made by Bluebird’s head chefs, along treats from Lily’s Kitchen.

If you think that’s pretty sweet already, it gets better: the visit supports dog charity Wild at Heart Foundation (£1 discretionary donation will be added to the bill), plus you get complimentary goodie bag from the organisers of this “pup of tea”, pet-friendly travel and accessories website PetsPyjamas. Get your human to book now.

A Pup of Tea, every Sunday between 2:30-5pm, 22 July – 18 August, at Bluebird White City

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