New breed: the Bitchon Frise (carne anna) is highly territorial

Wunderdog reveals the new breed on the eve of New York Fashion Week

A relatively young English breed, the Bitchon Frise (carne anna) has been exported across the Western World, where it continues to build its dominance by installing its puppies in adjacent kennels. This predominantly white dog can be hyperactive at times, requiring to spend up to three months a year on walks in cosmopolitan areas. It is, however, a very territorial breed with a strong pack mentality, pecking and seating order.

Illustration: Amy Fleuriot

Fresh blood would be welcome, as the Bitchon Frise is in parts over-bred and has developed light sensitivities, requiring it to wear tinted goggles even in darker environments. Its extremely short attention span and excitability for only slightly modified new toys make the Bitchon Frise easy to entertain. While usually a peaceful, fun-loving breed, the Bitchon Frise has been reported to show occasional bouts of aggression similar to cats. Combined with its rare need for human contact this breed is ideally suited for single, urban women who are not yet ready to admit they are cat ladies. The Bitchon Frise’s daily grooming routine combined with strict diet and high alcohol intake may appeal to this demographic. NM

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