California leads the way: pet retailers can only sell rescue dogs, cats and rabbits

It was signed into law on a Friday the 13th (October 2017), so it could have gone wrong – but the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act in the State of California has come into effect on 1 January this year.

Assembly Bill 485, by Assemblymember and the rescue world’s new BFF Patrick O’Donnell, “requires all dogs, cats and rabbits offered for retail sale in California to be obtained from animal shelters and rescue organisations”.

The Democrat said at the time that it would not only reduce the trafficking of mill-bred pets, but would also reduce the financial burden on taxpayers to house and euthanise animals in California’s shelters.

Pet stores are now required to keep records of where they sourced their pets from. Retailers also need to post clearly on the pet cage where the dog, cat or rabbit was obtained. Breaching this requirement will incur a $500 fine per animal.

California, we salute you!

(Photo at top: Patrick O’Donnell with advocates after the bill’s signing)

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