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After years of talking about it, my heart bursts with pride: the first-ever edition of Wunderdog Magazine will come out at the end of June.

You can support the magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs now by pre-ordering your copy and beautiful perks on

“Inside of a dog” author Alexandra Horowitz features in Wunderdog’s first print edition. We chatted about how to make your rescue dog feel at home (photo: Maha Alasaker)


Wunderdog Magazine is dedicated to the good life with rescue dogs, and this campaign is to fund the printing of the first – fully produced – edition. This new title showcases the vital work of dog-rescue organisations, brings expert care advice and inspires dog owners globally with travel and design features as well as personal stories.

Wunderdog aims to strengthen the global rescue-dog community and inspire dog lovers everywhere to get involved in the rescue cause.

We went to see All Dogs Matter’s therapy-dog event in action

Each magazine contains the sections Rescue, Travel, Art & Design, Stories and Care. Our excellent writers and contributors include Inside of a Dog author Alexandra Horowitz, BBC culture and Prospect contributor Hephzibah Anderson, Portrait of Britain 2018 winner
Joanne Crawford, artist Robert Nicol, designer and Dog Save the People podcast founder Josh Barlett, and The Times and The Atlantic senior features writer Stefanie Marsh.

The cover, starring Wild at Heart Foundation founder Nikki Tibbles and rescue-dog Peggy, was photographed by London’s super-star photographer Rachel Oates.

Among the dog-rescue organisations featured are All Dogs Matter in London, Muttville San Francisco and the Stray Dog Center UAQ, showing the breadth of the magazine.

See a preview of some pages here (click on full screen – the tiny very is pretty tiny):

You can pre-order your copy – alongside multiple issues, our gorgeous merchandising and some very exciting perks in collaboration with our friends at Fetch & Follow – now.

The signature Wunderdog perks
The customised perks by Fetch & Follow for Wunderdog

Additionally, you can buy a dog-training session with our consultant Luke Balsam. You can also get your name in the magazine by buying a seven-year subscription or by becoming a patron.

The gorgeous mutts of Muttville San Francisco modelled for us

Please support Wunderdog Magazine on today by pre-ordering your copy and one of our amazing perks.

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