April drools: good work on the doggie April Fools, everyone (especially Hiut Denim)

You nearly had us there, you guys! (OK, the BBC actually had us for a minute – but there are legitimate sound recordings for dogs, so that was a tough one.) Here are three dog-themed April’s Fools Wunderdog loved

BBC Sounds for Hounds

BBC Sounds for Hounds

Snoop Dog for the hounds – who wouldn’t click on it? The BBC did a pretty good job this morning putting a genuine episode of relaxing, slightly trance-y music online. Sadly, the episode is no longer available, so play the Charlie Brown theme tune instead and pretend your dog is sleeping on top of the dog house.

Hiut Denim

Hiut Doggy Denim (also above, presumably a campaign image)

The award for “most work put into April’s Fool” goes to cult denim brand Hiut: the email announced three styles of limited-edition doggy jeans (101 only) in styles Colliemore (for the bigger dog), Snoop (super relaxed)  and Pavlov (“will make other dogs drool”). Photographed by Jack Russell, obviously, the hemp denim is 25 scooby snacks a pair and even has a customised logo. And look, they even made a pair!

Since Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is a fan of Hiut, we can only assume her rescue beagle will be wearing the Snoop cut soon.

Hiut Doggy Denim logo

Poppy’s Picnic L’Air de Chien

Poppy’s Picnic L’Air de Chien

Runner-up for most work put into the April’s Fool’s paradise is raw-food-pioneering Poppy’s Picnic with an impressive show of mock-up bottles for its “Eau du Chien” line of dog fragrances. Again limited edition, it features top-dog smells Caca de Renard, Cul de Chien, Le Boucherie and Le Réverbère (the last means “street lamp”, if your French doesn’t stretch that far).

Good work, everyone!

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