Adoptify: find your soul-dog who shares your music taste is simply genius

Turns out dogs have music preference, too. So, Spotify and an animal shelter in Munich teamed up to match humans and hounds

As dog owners, we’ve always known it, but a study from the University of Glasgow has confirmed it: dogs have music tastes, just like people.

The study carried out in partnership with the Scottish SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), built on previous research into whether music affects dogs. In 2015, the research team found evidence that classical music has calming effects on dogs in rescue shelters. Heart rate monitors, saliva samples and behavioural observations showed that dogs’ stress levels in two kennels decreased after listening to classical music. Kennel-associated stress levels, however, went up again after a week of Vivaldi, suggesting that dogs like to listen to a variety of tunes.

The second study, concluded last year, found that dogs have different tastes in music. The Tierschutzverein e.V. (animal protection society) in Munich, Germany, jumped on this idea together with advertising agency Serviceplan Campaign X and music streaming service Spotify. The Munich dog carers worked with their dogs waiting for new homes to find out their flavours, and Serviceplan Campaign X created short videos for each dog to be shown on a German Spotify microsite.

The result: Adoptify, a winning mutt of Tinder for rescue dogs crossed with MTV. “This was about getting the dogs adopted by people who perhaps have a particular musical taste and didn’t know that dogs have the same,” Serviceplan Campaign X managing creative director Hans-Peter Sporer told Wunderdog. “And it has already worked superbly: all dogs that featured in our videos have been adopted – because of our campaign on Spotify.”

Sadly, if you’re looking for a Kraftwerk-loving komondor, a Pharrell-proficient poodle or a basset hound to share your Beethoven with, you’ll have to wait: Adoptify only ran in Germany in January and is (not yet) rolled out as a standard service worldwide. Although it really should. What a fantastic idea.

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