Wunderdog’s Christmas list for very good dog people: cosy, classic things for dog-cuddles

Our Christmas wishlist for dogs was, naturally, published before this one, but here are our gift ideas for dog lovers from ethical brands and independent makers

1. Wild at Heart Foundation sweatshirt

Wunderdog issue 1’s cover star, Wild at Heart Foundation and its founder, Nikki Tibbles, are making a huge difference to rescue dogs around the world by partnering with local dog charities. The foundation’s staff is on the payroll of Nikki’s floristry business, Wild at Heart, so all donations and proceeds from sales go directly to the rescue missions. We particularly love the new colours of the iconic “I Believe in Dog” sweatshirt, designed by Simeon Farrar at Black Score. £50,

2. Boris & Horton candle

Obviously, the smell of wet dog is like Chanel No 5 to dog people, but sadly not everyone agrees. To get rid of the pongiest dog smell, New York’s sweetest dog café, Boris & Horton, has developed its own candle – to keep the place smelling lovely and clean. The illustrations are the icing on the cake. $24,

3. All Dogs Matter tea towel

Artist collective Garudio Studiage designed this sweet tea towel for London’s superstar charity All  Dogs Matter. Telling the “before and after” stories of some ex-ADM pooches, the towel is a reminder why we #adoptdontshop (except for tea towel – don’t adopt tea towels!). £8,

4. Everydaystray by Robert Altermoser

Talking of Cloud7, the creative Berlin-based has published the touching body of photography by Austrian documentary photography Robert Altermoser, depicting stray dogs in Eastern Europe. The pictures range from heart-wrenching to uplifting, and one thing is clear: you’ll adopt a(nother) dog very soon after reading this volume. All proceeds of this book go Bulgarian animal-rescue charity Everydaystray. €24.90

5. Wunderdog Magazine subscription

Obviously the best gift for dog lovers is a subscription to Wunderdog Magazine! Our special bundle of joy includes issue 1, the tag-and-pin set, our logo cotton bag – and an annual subscription. Our dog, Goldie, is even throwing in her very own Christmas card to tell the lucky recipient the good news. £39,

6. Our Dogs, Ourselves by Alexandra Horowitz

Talking about Wunderdog Magazine, issue 1 features an interview with the one and only Alexandra Horowitz. The dog-cognition researcher and best-selling author published her latest book, Our Dogs, Ourselves, this summer. While you’re at it, buy her entire back catalogue to ensure you won’t run out of reading material over the festive period. £12.99

7. Reformation Woolside jacket

Sorry guys, this one is just for the girls (get yourselves some more socks). Reformation is Wunderdog’s favourite brand for being both achingly cool and uncompromisingly eco-friendly. You even get emails once in a while summarising how many resources you saved by shopping here. Our current crush is the wool coat with plenty of pockets for treats and poo bags. £235,

8. Arthouse Unlimited Blue Dog series

Wunderdog is a huge fan of this collective of artists who live with complex epilepsy and learning difficulties. None of their health challenges is stopping these creatives from producing beautiful art and products, such as the series of blue dogs, drawn only in pencil. The different designs adorn everything from wrapping paper to plates and egg cups. All proceeds go to the enterprise to enable support for the artists. From £1.69,

9. Patagonia fleece mittens


You can’t be an outdoor person (as all dog-people are) and not own at least one piece from Patagonia. These convertible gloves/mittens made of recycled polyester fleece got you covered, from straight-up walkies to tying up poo bags and dispensing treats one by one. £40, 

10. Leigh Cyrpus Rescue Dogs wrapping paper

Seattle-based artist Leigh Cyprus has designed the only wrapping paper allowed this Christmas: the sheets are covered in her sweet drawings of rescue dogs from A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles. She donates 10% of the proceeds from this paper to the charity. $5.25

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