Dashing thing of the month: Wagwear WagWellies boots

Wunderdog is always experimenting with the line of when dog clothing is too much: dogs are dogs. They want to play in the mud and don’t give a hoot about how they look. But they do seem ok with things that make them more comfortable and happy without restricting their senses and movement. So far, we have worked out: cashmere dog sweater (upcycled, obviously) – yes, cashmere dog beanie – no; bridle leather collar – yes; leather harness – no (too rigid); socks to prevent slipping – yes, socks to prevent biting your paws – NO!

Dog boots for wintery walks are a tricky thing: most dogs hate wearing them. But as dog owners, we know they make sense to prevent paws from salt and grit on snowy streets. So, what to do? Sit the pooch down to explain why they are necessary? Or just upgrade the boot game?

Wagwear WagWellies, $64 at

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