Pippapproved: Pop-up bath tub

Wunderdog co-editor Pippa introduces her favourite summer-in-the-city hangout

 The pool of happiness  (Photo: George Baxter)
The pool of happiness (Photo: George Baxter)

Is it a pig? Is it a seal? No, it’s Wetdog! Pippa loves nothing more than water. No matter if the bathtub at home or the great open sea, this elderly collie cross is happiest when digging in the water and barking at even the tiniest waves.

Alas, for urban dog owners, there are few opportunities to bestow such ridiculous happiness on our pooches, especially on hot summer days. Ponds and rivers can be full of irritants or plagued with poisonous Blue Algae, and the traditional paddling pools for children don’t stand a chance against claws. NM

This is the picture of a happy dog
Easy access, if you are sufficiently determined








We could make it a ball pit during colder days

Pets at Home has come to the rescue with the Coco Jojo Pop-up Paddling Pool. Packed up, it is light and the size of a large frisbee. It pops up easily and features a drainage tap for when the fun is over. The pool is made of double-wall polyester and a non-slip fabric. The outside net for shampoos is a nice touch, although we find it more useful for balls
and treats.

The Paddling Pool is available in two sizes (the medium size of 65cm in diameter costs £26, and Pippa’s large size of 91cm in diameter is £31). Click here to order.

Disclaimer: Wunderdog has paid for this product – this is, therefore, an independent review and not an advert.

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