The snuggle list: nine dog beds that say “welcome home” to your new rescue dog

As Wunderdog HQ prepares for the arrival of our Romanian foster dog, we looked for a new bed. Here are our favourites*

Cloud 7 Hideaway

For the sensible snuggler who always was the best dog in the shelter, Cloud7 combines German pared-back design with a complete and utter devotion to dogs. The Hideaway basket bed is made from natural seaweed soft enough to wrap around the dog’s shape. The inside consists of soft pillows with machine-washable herringbone cover (also available in other designs). Schlaf schön (that’s “sleep well” in German). From €139 at

Ful-l dog basket

For the bohemian rescue dog who got lost during a mindfulness session by its owner, this beautiful basket is made by artisans from the Astou A Flower in the Desert association in Senegal. The cushion cover with a white and a natural oatmeal side is filled with natural fibres. Just like no two rescue dogs are the same, no two of these handmade baskets will be the same. From €130 at

Charley Chau Ducky Donut

For the rescue dog that will probably have its own episode of E! True Hollywood Story, Charley Chau’s donut bed may well be more comfy than your own bed. Duck feathers cushion from the side, and the mattress is deep filled with insulating hollow fibre. Rags to riches. £180 at

Mutts & Hounds Donut

For the dog that is truly at home and can relax, Mutts & Hounds’ ridiculously cosy donut bed was late Wunderdog Pippa’s favourite. She would snuggle in to its rim or spill out over the edges – and Pippa always had a smile on her face when she snored in it. Mutts & Hounds has released this dog bed in several new fabrics over the past months, and the Macaroon tweed is a hot favourite. From £98 at

Wagwear Beach Ball bed

For the rescue beach bum ready to be settled again after a gap year, the Wagwear beach ball comes in three colour combos and four sizes – or you can request a custom colour way. While choice is not a problem, your dog may well never want to get up again, because it’s just so cosy. (Wagwear also has lovely pet carriers, just in case.) $140 from

Danish Design Woodland bed

For the sensible rescue dog that has other things to do (most likely a working breed who failed a development module), Danish Design has long been a favourite brand for dog owners. It’s soft and sweetly designed, hardwearing to withstand a lot of washing, and at these prices you can get the extra pack of tennis balls. From £16.55 at

Fetch & Follow bed

For the rescue dog that has its own Instagram before it’s even chipped, the comfy bed by East London favourite Fetch & Follow is a dream come true. In fact, the fabric was designed in collaboration with design studio Draw in Light and depicts dogs in various sleeping – and dreaming – poses. Good dog, good brand. £120 from

In Vogue Pets Pooch Pouch

For the indecisive rescue dog, this snuggle pouch is super versatile: burrow into it, sleep on top of it, fold it into a donut – it’ll be a pretty soft landing no matter which way, and probably one of the most exciting “welcome home” things to discover for your pup. In several colours, from £99.95 at

House of Paws Memory Foam bed

For the rescue dog that had a pretty crappy start in life, imagine what it must feel like to swap a bit of straw on a concrete shelter floor for a memory foam bed by House of Paws. Yes, you may not have one of these mattresses either, but doesn’t your rescue dog deserve the best? Exactly. From £42 at (House of Paws also has memory foam harnesses.)

Wunderdog is not responsible for the accuracy of the prices shown.

*This post was first published in March 2018. As followers of Wunderdog will know, said “foster” dog was Goldie, who was pretty much immediately adopted. To find out more about the adoption journey, click here.

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