Everydaystray: Cloud7 publishes Robert Altermoser’s powerful images of Eastern European stray dogs

We like to keep things upbeat at Wunderdog, but there’s no escaping the harsh realities that can come alongside the highs of dog rescue life.

One retailer has turned these unavoidable realities into a powerful, poignant and meaningful piece of work. Cloud7, the Berlin-based Wunderdog favourite for making minimalist design dog-centric, has created a high-quality bound coffee table photo book, called Everyday Stray.

Cloud7 published the works of Austrian photographer Robert Altermoser, who spent four months travelling in a van through Eastern Europe, photographing strays and volunteering in dog shelters as he took photos.

The book features photographs of dogs living in the streets of Eastern Europe. His images are as raw as they are beautiful. He documents their struggle for survival, without exaggeration. The result is a collection of expressive photos that tell stories far beyond what’s on the page.

Back in 2017, Robert was volunteering in Belgrade, Serbia at a refugee camp. He was staying in a nearby village, and soon noticed it was full of stray dogs. He noticed the dogs weren’t getting looked after, so he started to feed them and care for them. It didn’t take long before he couldn’t leave without them following him and waiting for him to return to the village whenever he left.

Robert says it was heartbreaking to leave the dogs behind, and it was in this moment he realised just how important it is for strays to have loving owners.


Everyday Stray is the perfect festive gift for those who want a reminder of the important and far-reaching impact dog-rescuers have on dogs around the world.

All proceeds will go to EverydayStray, an animal welfare organisation in Bulgaria.

You can see and purchase the book here (€24.90).

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