Disco dogs: Wunderdog tests glowing accessories, so you can be the brightest stars in the dog park

Wunderdog took Sunny, a black dog, Harry the little terrier and our half-blind oldie Pippa to the park to test blinking, flashing and glowing dog accessories. If we can make this trio safe, we’re in good shape for winter walkies. Here are our favourite products

Black dog Sunny, Wunderdog’s Pippa and little Harry all wear the LED safety collar. Sunny also wears the red droplit, and Pippa the green LED bone. Harry takes the LED ball to task, giving Pippa’s red Smart y’Ball a rest. He also wears the blue flashing collar. The leads are of different makes – see our favourite below. (All photographs: George Baxter, with special thanks to Francesca Chadwick for assisting.)Canine editor Pippa wears the LED collar and the green blinking bone, and her normal collar is decorated with the Hiro+Wolf reflective flower. She ignores the LED ball
Canine editor Pippa wears the LED collar and the green blinking bone, and her normal collar is decorated with the Hiro+Wolf reflective flower. She ignores the LED ball
Disco Harry wears both collars (the LED and the safety collar) while waiting to have the Smart y’Ball thrown for him. He is on a Night Dawg lead, which we didn’t like as much as the yellow one because the light strip doesn’t go all the way to the collar
Disco Harry sporting both collars, the LED collar being wrapped around twice
Sunny is waiting for his mummy and daddy, while dressed as a Christmas tree. He is wearing all our LED collars, guards both balls, has the red LED drop-light on his collar, and shows off the yellow lead. It’s a shame his parents are in the pub – Sunny looks so great

Sunny is off to the pub, dressing down with only one LED collar and the yellow lead

Here are our favourite products:

This LED collar is possibly visible from space (ok, approx. 500 meters). It has three blinking settings, can be recharged via USB, is super soft and can easily be cut to size. Available in several colours and sizes. Prices vary, from Amazon


The Trixie USB ball offered the highest visibility of the toys we tested. It is chargeable and switches itself off after 45 secs of inactivity. £9.50 from Pets at Home



This bright red LED droplit works as a keyring or collar accessory. Available in several colours. £6.95 from The Glow Company



A great, sturdy lead that is USB-chargeable. The LED-lights go almost all the way to the collar, unlike other models we tested. Available in several colours. Around £17.99 from Amazon



When Wunderdog canine editor Pippa lost her eye last year, she got this Smart ‘y’Ball as a Christmas present. Nearly a year on, it remains hugely popular because she can see it so well. The bright red light is activated on impact and stays on for around five minutes. £9.99 from Amazon


This motion-activated Blink Petz collar tag flashes very brightly, although it also switches itself off quickly when the dog is still. Available in several colours. £4.99 from Amazon



The Brite Rope Glow Dog Ball was a hit with our little terrier, who loves to play tug toy. The bounce-activated ball stays lit with its blue LEDs for five minutes. £7.99 from The Glow Company



We love Hiro + Wolf and the reflective collar accessories are as pretty as they are functional. They slide on to a collar with a small elastic band and come in various collars. £8.50






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