Dashing thing of the month: Hiro + Wolf’s bobble-hooded dog jumper

Hey dogs, let’s chat about what you really need. You may think the main things are a home and food. Always food. And treats. They don’t count as food, so lots of treats. And some water to wash down said treats.

That’s the base of the Dog Pyramid of Needs, right? Then maybe some toys, a bed, a backup bed, a bed in the car, a toy in the bed in the car, a few treats next to the bed with the toy in the car. The middle part of your pyramid has a banner in fairy lights that says “spoilt” on it, just FYI.

To add a top layer to your pyramid, you need some awesome threads – some that tell the world that you not only have the best-trained human, but your human also knows what to get you so that other people adore you as much as they do. Enter the vibrantly patterned, bobble-hooded Margate dog jumper from Hiro + Wolf.

Hiro and Wolf are ready for the holidays (photos: Grey Dog Photo Studio)

“We worked closely with a knitting factory in the south of England, and the jumpers took three months of sampling to achieve the perfect fit,” says the brand’s co-founder and Hiro’s human, Amy Fleuriot.

The jumper is named after the location of its second store, the seaside town of Margate, in Kent, which their dogs – Hiro and Wolf – chose because of the lovely beach. (The first store is on Columbia Road in east London.)

Best of all, dogs, if reaching the top of your pyramid means rolling in dead seagull on the beach or fox poo in the park, go for it. The jumper is made from soft acrylic and can easily be thrown into the washing machine. At Hiro + Wolf this Christmas, the Dog Pyramid of Needs is topped with a bobble.

The jumper comes in four sizes and is £45. Order online from Hiro + Wolf or visit the shops at 146 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG or 34 King Street, Margate CT9 1DA.

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