Dashing Thing of the Month (for humans): Wild at Heart Foundation sweatshirts

Illustrated by Simeon Farrar, these are the sweaters best fit intermediate to professional crazy dog people

Christmas eve and the postman has been and gone. Time to take stock: the dog’s presents outnumber all humans’ presents 2:1. We might as well shop for ourselves then.

The Wild at Heart Foundation is a London-based charity that supports animal welfare projects around the world and aims to reduce to the number of stray dogs globally – currently estimated to be 600 million. It also rehomes rescue dogs in the British capital.

The foundation does so with style, evidenced by the gorgeous line of organic cotton sweatshirts featuring illustrations by fashion favourite Simeon Farrar.  Since 100% of the proceeds go to Wild at Heart, it would be irresponsible not to buy one (or two or three – it’s for a good cause, after all).

Find out more about the foundation and buy the sweaters at 


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