Why this is the best winter coat for rescue dogs in all shapes and sizes

Wunderdog has been asked so many times over the past few years what coat to buy for oddly sized rescue dogs, that we wanted to make the answer public

What to buy for your colliehund, your staffiedoodle or your cockeranian? One of the greatest features about rescue dogs is their uniqueness. They may have a type, depending what region they are from, but especially street dogs don’t find off-the-peg clothes.

With their past lives behind them, our rescue charges need a functional wardrobe for their new lives in well-deserved luxury. Enter Equafleece: the Devonian brand offers an incredible 47 sizes in 13 colours. The online tool takes four measurements into account (there is a measuring guide), so can easily find your dog’s fit.

The Polartec fleece dog coat is 100% water repellent and so quick drying, you are ready to go out for the next walk in no time. The polo neck and ample belly coverage ensure extra warmth.

No matter what magical mutt mix your dog is, there should be a size right for you. Stay warm, pack!

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