About us

Nina May, co-founder and editor

A journalist, editor and writer, I wanted a rescue Westie when I went freelance some 13 years ago. But then a skinny, ginger foster dog called Pippa turned up and changed everything. Having grown up in Germany with a dachshund and assorted other pets, I moved to London and worked in TV covering financial news and fashion. But since getting up before dawn for some stock market reports isn’t really a life, I have been a freelance correspondent, writer and editor ever since. My beats have become softer over the years, and now I write about trends, design and travel. In 2011,
I did a MA in philosophy for no particular reason.

Pippa, late co-founder (2003-2017)

Pippa was a collie cross, who came to me as a rescue dog. Fearless and funny, this fox lookalike regularly led field trips to sandy beaches and muddy ponds. She was a people’s dog who was fiercely loyal to her few good friends.
Sadly, Pippa had a number of illnesses: she lost an eye to glaucoma; turned completely blind eventually; had Cushing’s Disease; arthritis; allergies and lymphoma, which led to her death in September 2017. Pippa was utterly loved until her very last breath, and she is the guardian dog-angel for Wunderdog. How lucky I was to have had Pippa in my life.

Goldie, social editor

Goldie is the new Wunderdog since Pippa’s departure. I once again proved my determination when I vowed to “only foster” this young Romanian village dog. I became a foster failure within 1.5 seconds, when Goldie was taken from the transport crate, placed into my arms and rested her head on my shoulders.
Born around April 2017, Goldie was found on the streets with a chain around her neck that had grown into her skin. Charity Romanian Rescue Appeal took her in, cleaned her up and rehabilitated her into a kind, cheeky and very smart little dog. Goldie is exceptionally friendly and makes at least one friend a day. Follow her on Instagram.



George Baxter, photographer

George is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in London. He has always been surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes – from golden retrievers to german shepherds, his love for dogs is about at the same level as his love for photography. After making the move from Derbyshire to London, George now photographs and directs video content for brands around the UK including the wonderful Wunderdog. His first story for us was a feature on Hiro + Wolf, and looking at those smiling hounds a great shoot it was too. georgebaxter.co Instagram @georgekbaxter

Tiffany Hagler-Geard, New York editor

Tiffany is a photojournalist and writer based out of New York City. She is currently the head photographer at The Humane Society of New York and freelances as a photo editor and writer at AbcNews.com. Her images and stories have been published on websites and in printed publications such as ABC News, The New York Post, Life Magazine and NY Daily News. She is an advocate for shelter animals and a familiar face to many shelters across the city. She loves taking beautiful portraits of pets so they have a better chance at adoption. In her spare time, she is a teacher at NYC SALT, a non-profit organisation for teaching teens photography. Tiffany lives in Hastings on Hudson with her adorable husband, two crazy cats and handsome son Charlie. tiffanyhaglergeard.com Instagram @ThGeard

Jess and Toby Martin, walkies correspondents

Jess had wanted a dog since she was three years old, but since she grew up in a busy family of five, her mum didn’t think they would have enough time to dedicate to a dog. But for her 18th birthday, Jess got Border terrier Toby. The runt of the litter was a bit shy when they first met but soon fell asleep on Jess. A dream team was born.
Toby is not only her adventure pal, he is also a certified therapy dog. He visits a care home once a week and spends time in particular with dementia patients (who may sneak him a biscuit or two). When out on hikes, he is never without his backpack, because Toby is a sensible dog who carries canine and human first aid kits.
Jess and Toby are Wunderdog’s walkies correspondents, and they are on quite a mission in 2018: together they will climb 10 mountains in 10 months in beautiful spots near their home in the north-west of England and Wales. The final hike will be up Mount Snowdon.
The walks are to raise awareness for the prevention of young suicide. Jess’s brother took his own life, as did a friend of her walking partner Sophie. Jess and Toby are supporting charities PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicides) and CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), so please donate (you can do so directly through their websites) and follow #10mountains10months. Instagram @jessyyandthewonderdogs